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Herb N Stone Apothecary is a melanated woman owned and operated holistic lifestyle brand. Since our inception we have pushed forward with a goal to help elevate the level of comfortability and confidence in using herbal and metaphysical remedies for wellness. Our methods and recipes are rooted in the traditional ways of Afro-diasporic and Indigenous culture. It is our belief that proper wellness maintenance of the mind, body, and spirit can lead to optimal life balance and self preservation, especially during times of uncertainty and chaos. 

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Herb N Stone Apothecary operates on integrity, quality, and with the intention of proper wellness...values we hope will spread to the communities we serve. We offer a wide variety of crystals and charms, therapeutic skin and hair care products, as well as herbal concoctions and tea blends on our online store. Detailed descriptions, photos, and usage suggestions are listed for each item as a quick educational and shopping guide. 

RELAX with a soothing herbal tea blend

Our RELAX herbal blend is a tasty mixture of floral, citrus, and minty flavors. It is perfect for those who need to unwind and let go of stress. One cup is sure to have you well on your way to relaxation and inner peace. Click the link below for more information about this calming and grounding tea.



The metaphysical qualities of crystals can be thought of as the natural energy a particular stone emits. Although this energy is not necessarily seen, it most certainly is felt! This inherent crystal power can be utilized for protection, as well as physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Herb N Stone Apothecary offers a variety of healing stones each chosen for their special metaphysical properties.  

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