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- High Quality Gemstone Bracelets -

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The GLOW Moisturizing Experience

Less is more when it comes to natural self care. Our GLOW Shea Butter blend works wonders for the skin and is very nutritious for coily and curly hair textures. Indulge in this citrus scented jar of natural goodness today!  

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Smudging Tools: Inviting Positive Energy into Your Life


Smudging is a ceremonial practice that involves the burning of sacred herbs to cleanse and purify a person, space, or object. It is important to approach smudging with respect and mindful sensitivity, as it is deeply rooted in indigenous tradition and culture. Herb N Stone Apothecary is dedicated to providing high-quality, ethically sourced smudging tools that are handled with care and respect. We are committed to upholding these values in everything we do. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just starting out, our collection of products and resources can help you deepen your connection to this sacred practice.


Reading of the cards...
Cartomancy is a form of divination that uses cards as a way to gain guidance and insight. The cards hold both energetic and symbolic meanings that offer answers and understanding about various aspects of life. Most popular are the tarot and oracle card decks, but there are many who use traditional playing cards. Shuffling and card pull layouts vary depending on the reader, but note the most important thing is that you trust the reader's ability to interpret the card meanings based on their intuition, knowledge, and understanding of the energy. Each card has a universal meaning, but the message is not always the same. At Herb N Stone Apothecary we utilize cartomancy as a tool of confirmation for things we already know or to gain knowledge on messages we have yet to receive. Check out our timeless messages here. 

Sip Your Way to Inner Balance with Herbal Tea Blends

At Herb N Stone Apothecary we are committed to providing you with a holistic approach to wellness through our herbal tea blends. Taking a moment for yourself each day with a cup of tea is an effective form of self-care that is easy to do on a consistent basis. Our blends are carefully crafted with your needs in mind, and we believe that the simple act of preparing and enjoying a cup of tea can be a form of self-love and healing. Explore our offerings and discover the power of herbal tea for yourself.

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Symbolic Accessories for Mindful Living

 Our line-up of accessories are empowering and incorporate spiritual symbols that help the mind focus on our intent for inner-peace, balance, and wellness. Everyone deserves to feel good both physically and mentally, and we are here to help you do just that. Our accessories are fun, beautiful, and functional. Click the link below to to see what goodies we have available. 

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