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7 of Pentacles

Updated: Mar 23

Tarot Meditation

Message: You are on the right path, change is coming.

Practice: Work on self-expression and communication, allow your words to create positive outcomes in your life. Remain patient and center yourself in gratitude for the lessons of the past, the blessings of the present, and the successes to come. Believe in yourself and the seeds of thought that you have already planted, continue to water them and yourself with acts of love, appreciation, and grace. Plan for your harvest; envision and prepare for your goals of success.

Expect: Gradual change, new beginnings, manifestation, and return on investments.

Energy Check: Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus Chakras

Crystal Recommendations: tigers eye, blue tigers eye, black tourmaline, amazonite, blue agate, carnelian, jasper, amber, rose quartz, moss agate, malachite

Herbal Recommendations: motherwort, tulsi, nettle, linden, hibiscus, mullein, chamomile

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