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Collective Reading : January

Spiritual Message: Let your heart, mind, & intuition guide you.

Expect to attract new and positive connections. During this time, remember to establish your standards and boundaries in order to make the best choice when deciding who stays and who goes. Be real with yourself and be careful not to decide based off of delusion. If your head is in the clouds, come back down to earth and get grounded. Follow your heart's true desires, but also lean in to your instincts and mental reasoning. This is balance. Release all fears and any self-sabotaging baggage. Take your time to analyze your options, go deep and find out exactly who you're working with. Do not be easily charmed by the familiar, instead listen and watch closely as everything will be revealed. It's time to put your inner healing and acts of self-love to the test. If a new connection is not offering what you want, why would you accept it.

Self Care Tips

Now is the time to stay grounded so that you are not easily impressed or moved. Do things to strengthen your self-esteem. Spending time in the sun, repeating "I can" affirmations, and aromatherapy are some easy ways to center yourself and boost confidence. We recommend working with herbs like lemongrass, peppermint, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and lemon balm. Use them in teas, or in an essential oil diffuser. Crystals can also be worn or incorporated into meditation practice. We recommend carnelian, rutilated quartz, peridot, agate, moonstone, malachite, black tourmaline, garnet, bloodstone, smoky quartz, tiger's eye, and lapis lazuli.

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Spot on! Thank you for this reading 💙

Jan 15
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You are most welcome. Thanks for stopping by. ✨

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