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Selenite: Purifying, Charging, Uplifting

Get your aura right with a slab of Selenite! This beautiful and enchanting crystal brings an energy of balance and calm when it enters your space. Great for those dealing with unstable emotions, anxiety, and overthinking. Sitting still and breathing while holding a piece of Selenite in your hand or on your body is an effective way of taking in its energy.

Selenite is often used to clear and activate other semi-precious stones, and can be utilized as a charging plate for other crystals. Placing your desired stone on a Selenite slab will neutralize and recalibrate that crystals metaphysical energy and healing power.

Other uses for Selenite include protection against negativity and psychic attack, as well as connecting to Spirit. Whether using it as a charm that's kept on your body (in pocket, bra, or as jewelry), or as a decorative piece kept next to your bed on the night stand, there are many ways to incorporate the protective and soothing vibes of Selenite in to your space. I personally keep Selenite on my ancestral altar to maintain the energy and to help me connect and receive spiritual messages and universal wisdom.

One thing to note is the difference between true Selenite and Satin Spar. Both can be considered Gypsum, and they both have the same chemical make up, but their formations are different. Satin spar is fibrous and "milky", while true Selenite is clear and icy. The Selenite in our shop is ethically sourced from Mexico. #selenite #gypsum #crystalsforanxiety #spirituality #selenite #gypsum #protectioncrystals #spirituality #altartools #ethicallysourcedcrystals #crystalshop #blackownedcrystalshop #healingcrystals

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