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Hand Carved Green Ocean Jasper Bowl

Hand Carved Green Ocean Jasper Bowl

Ocean Jasper brings a relaxing and grounding vibe, helping to release stress, worry, and other feelings of negativity. This beautiful and rare stone enhances self-esteem, self-confidence, and optimism, which can be useful to those working on emotional balance and their ability to accept and go with the natural flow of life. Ocean Jasper encourages communication and aids with self-expression, making it great for strengthening relationships with others and SELF. 


Ocean Jasper is connected to the heart and solar plexus chakras, and the Capricorn, Cancer, and Pisces zodiac signs.


This pieces weighs 621 grams (1lbs 6 oz), and measures 4.25 inches wide, 3.5 inches deep, and 1.25 inches high. (Approximately)


    Allow 1-2 business days for order processing. Tracking info will be sent once order is shipped.

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