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Citrine C6.jpg

I AM HOOKED! After my 1st great purchase I QUICKLY came back for my 2nd and KNOW they have a customer for life! The cluster is magnificent and I appreciate and Love the handwritten cards that identify the qualities of these crystals.


Creedite B2.jpg

I ordered this Creedite crystal cluster on a Tuesday and it arrived on Friday! I was so surprised to see it so quickly. Tiffany wrote such a sweet note and card to go with it. I had never seen Creedite before. My local jeweler recommended it for some health problems I have. I was delighted to find it here! The extra little gift was such a special touch. Thank you Tiffany! I love that you sage every crystal before it leaves. It has such healing energy.

Martha G

Almighty Shea.jpg

I love these products! The Almighty Shea is my family's favorite. It smells amazing and it works! My grandson has eczema and I use this to rub him down every night to help with the itching and dry patches. Major improvement in no time.


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