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Handmade 6mm Round Bead Garnet Gemstone Bracelet - Natural Healing Crystal

Handmade 6mm Round Bead Garnet Gemstone Bracelet - Natural Healing Crystal

Stunning handmade bracelet features 6 mm garnet gemstone beads. Garnet is known for its powerful healing properties, promoting love, passion, and positive energy. Each bead is carefully selected and strung on a durable elestic cord, making it easy to slip on and off. The bracelet fits snug, and measures approximately 7 inches in length, but can be customised upon request. 


Energetic Benefits:

  • Adaptation and Change: Promotes courage and acceptance of the things we can not control.
  • Prosperity: Great for attracting enjoyable experiences and abundance. 
  • Balance: Supports emotional stability.
  • Creativity: Inspires innovation and original ideas.


Due to natural variation of gemstones, each bracelet may have slight differences in color and pattern. Purchase with confidence knowing that this bracelet is not only a beautiful accessory but also a source of positive energy and well-being. Perfect for everyday wear or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one. Don't miss out on this exquisite garnet gemstone bracelet! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need additional information. 


The energetic benefits of crystals should not replace professional medical advice or treatment. All stones are cleared via sage smoke prior to shipping. 


    Allow 1-2 business days for order processing. Tracking info will be sent once order is shipped. 

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