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Orca Agate Freeform for Stress Release and Communication

Orca Agate Freeform for Stress Release and Communication

This self-standing Orca Agate freeform emits a soothing and relaxing energy. It weighs 1lb 6 oz, and measures 11cm x 8cm. Orca Agate is an excellent supportive tool for those on their path of life purpose and direction. Place this beautiful crystal in spaces where you meditate or go to relax and reflect. It can also be useful in intimate areas of social activity.


Energetic Uses:

  • Past Life Work: Aids with letting go of the past, including conscious and subconscious memories that may trigger strong emotions
  • Improves Communication: Supports self-expression and the ability to speak your truth
  • Soothes Tension and Anxiety: Calms the overactive mind, soothes overwhlelming feelings of stress, worry, and fear
  • Stimulates Intellect and Improves Memory: supports learning by enhancing focus and recollection


Chakra Connection: Throat Chakra


All stones are cleared via sage smoke prior to shipping. 

Ethically sourced.


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    Allow 1-2 business days for order processing. Tracking info will be sent once order is shipped. 

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